Golden Glitch

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Release Date: 4/5/2018

Company: Twitch

This was available for free at PAX East 2018 to those that completed the PAX East 2018 Scavenger Hunt on the Twitch Events app.

Rules -

Earn 50 points by completing the following activities:

  • Extensions Pod (10 pts) - Visit the Extensions Pod to learn how to use Extensions to give your audience a truly interactive experience on your channel. Complete the demo and scan the QR code to unlock this challenge.
  • Creator Tools Pod (10 pts) - Featuring the latest updates to your creator dashboard.
  • Twitch Prime Pod (10 pts) - Visit the Twitch Prime pod to learn more about free in-game loot for gamers.
  • Blizzard Game Zone (20 pts) - Head on over to the Blizzard Game Zone to play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth!
  • Meet & Greet (20 pts) - Meet a Twitch Partner at the Meet & Greet!
  • Selfie with Twitch (10 pts) - Take a selfie with the Glitch or Twitch logo at the booth! Post it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag #TwitchEvents.
  • Twitch Panel (20 pts) - Attend one of two Twitch panels and scan the QR code at the end of panel to redeem 20 points! Option 1: Twitch Town Hall. Option 2: Twitch Q&A
  • New Twitch Prime Membership (20 pts) - If you sign up for Twitch Prime as a new member at the booth, you will receive 20 points! Offer valid for new sign-ups only.